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The Reading League's Reading Buddies


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Dusty & Dott explore semiconductors and related careers in a new video series at the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology!

Dusty & Dott helped curate the Skill Bar, part of the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology's exhibit 'DECONSTRUCTED: Semiconductors and Other Secrets Inside Everyday Technology.'

The Skill Bar features video interviews with Micron employees — from fab engineers to safety managers, equipment technicians and more — conducted by The Reading League's Reading Buddies & WCNY. The locally beloved puppets help Micron employees tell museum visitors about the skills they use at work and introduce a range of possible careers in the semiconductor field.

The task was to imagine and create an entertaining, engaging environment in which these job descriptions & complex concepts would become

easily accessible to a wide age range.  


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We're giving you the MOST!
Ha ha... Get it?!

Not only did Dusty & Dott perform in the videos, but they also crafted the high concept approach of "Reggie’s Career Day Report" via the Interviewer 5000 (his latest invention).  

MICRON enlisted Dusty & Dott to produce dual-language video content for the exhibition. Through the lens of Dusty & Dott, complex concepts were simplified and made accessible.

Dusty & Dott believe that an early access to STEAM education can create lasting social impact.

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