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When Dusty Met Dott...

Meet Dott! Like the Polkadot!  And this is her dog Dusty, like the dust.

Dusty & Dott are best friends. They love to tell stories, play games, and go on adventures! With Dusty’s bounding curiosity (he is a dog after all), Dott does her best to keep up with all of his questions. They are constantly learning new tricks, together!

Dusty & Dott

Meet Dott

Dott is our ever-caring, optimistic leader! With her flair for fun, she is a natural teacher. She can be quirky and funny, while still remaining grounded.  Dott brings comfort and acceptance in her kind voice and empathic ear.


Dusty isn’t the only one who needs brain breaks.  Dott needs her share too!  When she’s not teaching Dusty, Dott enjoys singing, dancing and using her imagination.


After all, adults are fun too!

Meet Dusty

Dusty is the ideal student of life! He wants to learn as many tricks as he can, but life’s not always kibbles n’ funny bits you know?


Sometimes it can be RUFF - ha ha ha... Lucky for Dusty, he’s never learning alone!  Like other dogs, he’s a loyal companion with a huge heart and an unwavering devotion to cheese.

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Our Mission

Dusty & Dott's mission is to foster the voice and imagination of the next generation. Bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, the dynamic duo creates a whimsical world where kids can feel free to learn in a way that takes “fear” out of the equation.

Blending magical realism with impact, Dusty & Dott are currently working with libraries and other community organizers to bring LIVE entertainment to underserved neighborhoods.

Through storytelling and the magic of puppetry, Dusty & Dott celebrate curiosity and encourage the values of creative learning and play. They are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming and supportive of all identities.

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"A scene-stealing puppet, winsomely voiced & operated..."

Press & Testimonials

Behind the Scenes

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Brendan Malafronte

Brendan is the creative genius behind Dusty & Dott. He writes, designs, builds and performs.  He has been around the world with the tours of Annie, John Tartaglia’s Imaginocean and Disney Cruise Line.


Brendan was a professor of puppetry at PACE School of Performing Arts, and he continues to teach and direct young actors at Redhouse Arts Center.

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Dusty the Dog

Dusty has traveled the country as the third (unofficial) understudy for Sandy on the Annie National tour. He sailed aboard Disney Cruise Line (mostly eating at the buffet). He’s performed shows with Ronald McDonald House’s “Musical Magic”.

He also enjoys long walks on the beach and is VERY food motivated.


He dedicates his performances to his best friend Dott. Without her, he would be forced to create a solo act. He would also like to briefly mention his personal intern, Brendan, without whom he would be forced to get his own coffee.


(Dusty is currently seeking talent representation, and a better intern.)

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Andrea Dotto

Andrea is the driving force behind all things Dusty & Dott. She is the duo’s editor, producer & showrunner. Dotto has performed on Broadway, where she was nominated for a Chita Rivera Award for Outstanding Ensemble Dancer in  a Broadway Show.


Her television and film performances include Good Morning America, the 71st Annual Tony Awards, and the Fathom Event’s film of Bandstand. When she is not on stage, she is teaching the next generation of performers how to find and own their authentic voice.

The Creatives
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