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The Reading League's Reading Buddies

Dusty & Dott go on the road in "LIBRARY BOUND!"

Dusty & Dott LOVE to pack up their suitcases and go on adventures!

Their latest roadtrip took them all over Central New York.  The duo traveled to 15 libraries & schools, bringing the magic of storytelling to those that need it most!  After all, small towns don’t often see talking dogs.

But they aren’t the only friends you’ll meet at a LIVE show. Dusty & Dott’s warm-up act is their lovable tour manager (and accountant) Wiggle Worm! Wiggle Worm can get stage fright at times, but once he hears your laughter, he can really ham it up! 

Dusty & Dott utilize puppetry, improvisation, audience participation, games, dancing and humor. The free-spirited nature of their LIVE interactive showtime nurtures playfulness, acceptance, wonder and a sense of community.


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Fostering the voice & imagination of the next generation!

Blending magical realism with impact, Dusty & Dott work with libraries and other community organizers to bring LIVE entertainment to underserved neighborhoods.


They are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming and supportive of all identities.

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Color n' Create!

Click to print out your own Dusty & Dott coloring book!

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