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A girl n' dog imagination factory bringing stories to life for young audiences.

Through storytelling and the magic of puppetry, Dusty & Dott celebrate curiosity and encourage the values of creative learning and play.


Whether young, or young at heart, there’s always opportunity to grow!


Bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, they've created a whimsical world where kids can feel free to learn in a way that takes “fear” out of the equation.

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Let us tell your story!

We are a one-stop-shop bringing creativity to life. Through the lens of Dusty & Dott, your complex concepts become achievable AND enjoyable!  


Our unique blend – entertainment, encouragement and education – gives young minds exactly what they need to achieve greater comprehension and increased self worth.

Our Latest Adventures

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Show Us Your Creativity!


Click to print out your own Dusty & Dott paper doll!


Artwork by Chad Healy

Dusty & Dott love seeing your artwork!


Our fans have the most vivid imaginations and loads of creativity!

If you want to see your artwork displayed here... message us on instagram! 


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